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MCSE Certified Engineers

Since 2004, Caldera Solutions has been supporting many small businesses in and around Sussex & Surrey. We can offer assistance across the broad spectrum of IT. With over 25 years experience in IT, dating way back in the early 1980's with the BBC Micro Computer through the following years with the likes of Sinclair Spectrums, Atari ST's, Commodore 64's & Amiga's. The only computers we don't have experience in or offer assistance on is Apple and Macs.

The PC, and Microsoft Windows
are by far the most popular office computers and we have knowledge and experience of this platform going back to Windows 3.1 and through 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and server platforms from Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and now Windows Server 2008. For web applications, we utilise reliable platforms such as Microsoft IIS and Linux servers and can write applications in ASP or PHP with either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL for database support.

Being a small business ourselves, we understand the importance for reliable computing. Every business has them, we all need computers in today's internet driven business environment. But not all small businesses can afford full time IT staff. This is where Caldera Solutions comes in. Quite simply, we provide the IT support you need without the expense. When you need help, you call us and we'll either fix it over the phone if we can or visit you to fix it onsite. We have different packages to suit the many types of business out there, from simple pay-as-you-go to full regular scheduled visits. Of course, we can tailor make packages to suit if need be. Please contact us for more information.

Neve Engineering
“Caldera Solutions has been supporting us for 11 years and they are invaluable to us as all our milling and lathe machines are computer controlled. Caldera ensures we are trouble free by performing regular maintenance on our systems and are quick to respond in the event of a problem.”
Gleam Clean RDLS
“For 11 years, even before Caldera was formed, they have been providing IT support to us. As a vehicle bodyshop, our computers are subjected to harsh environments and heavy handed mechanics, but whenever we have needed help, we only needed to make one call safe in the knowledge that we can trust them to see the problem through.”